Plenty of families have their own interesting Christmas traditions. At my mom’s house, it was to bake gingerbread men to hang on the Christmas ficus, then bite their limbs off while they dangled from the tree.

So wasn’t I delighted to find what trendsetters we all were way back when, as I got wind of the amputee gingerbread cookie cutters at Spoon Sisters. Okay, so that’s not what they call them. They’re actually ABC cutters, as in that old chestnut, "already been chewed."

In any case, it makes a hilarious hostess gift for just $10.95 when you pair it with some homebaked cookies – and is way more kosher with the etiquette police than making the treates for your friends and pre-biting the limbs off yourself.

Unless you’re headed to our house, in which case, come on over. We’ll save a few left legs for ya. –Liz 

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