I confess I’m totally guilty of tossing the kids’ coats over chairs, the stroller handle, the exersaucer (the floor) – pretty much everywhere but in the coat closet. Excellent example I’m setting, I know.

Maybe I’d be more apt to hang the outerwear if I didn’t have to wrestle those teeny hangers through the sleeves every time we came home. So I am loving the Angel Wings Coat Hooks from the always browse-worthy U.K. shop, Rockett St George. The pink powder-coated steel hooks are sweet, but I love the silver too. Hang ’em high and beautify your walls and your floors all at once.

While you’re at the shop poke around for tons of great gift ideas and holiday decorating goodies; with so much cool stuff, it’s not hard to make the overseas shipping worth your while.  –Liz


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