We’ve seen our fair share of nursing cover-ups ’round these parts. The interesting thing is, designers seem so worried about keeping their pieces lightweight–as if a baby didn’t just come out of a 98.6 degree environment–that most of the covers look and feel like Summer designs.

So I was impressed to come across the 4-in-1 nursing shawls from mom-run L’oved Baby. The soft microsuede fabric is light and breathable but substantial, and it comes in subdued earth tones and neutrals ("grand sand" looks spiffy in person) that suit the cooler weather. It definitely looks a little more Sundance than Silverlake,  but that’s not a bad thing.

If you’re wondering what the other 3 uses are: Maternity poncho, baby blanket, and stroller canopy that won’t get whisked away in a gentle breeze. Smart.

By the way, L’oved Baby also has other cool products including an arms-free swaddler for older babies, some layette basics, and a fine looking wooden bottle tree. Check out their custom maternity gift baskets if you’re looking for some all-in-one gift options that don’t include the words diaper cake. I beg you. –Liz

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