I can’t tell you how much the pouch sling saved my life during the first five months of my son’s life– especially when I wanted to nurse in public. But carrying him in it now at ten months is a bit of a struggle. Plus, I always feel like he’s going to fall right out.

But not with the PUJ Baby Go Sling, a snappy and affordable solution for hip carrying your baby. It’s not just that the fabrics are bright and fabulous, but it’s extremely easy to use and carry. Unlike typical slings, it’s way more compact. And if you’re terribly uncoordinated like me, don’t miss their user-friendly instructional video right on the site.

I love that my son fits snuggly and comfortably on my hip without my arms. Now I can save those for my huge purse.  -Kristen 

[thanks amanda]

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