Neither of my kids took a binky, which was frustrating until now that I see friends trying to coax their toddlers’ pacifiers out of their mouths to give to Santa or The Binky Elf. (Who knew?)  I also might have been the last to learn that binky clips are apparently the new hip baby accessory, like the handmade ones from Ericalyn Designs.

This adorable handpainted wooden clip is attached to a shiny snowflake ribbon, both of which are pleasantly festive, and will secure that binky from falling into the yellow snow. Or cold dry ground if you’re in my neck of the woods.

There are a couple of styles on Erica’s site that will coordinate quite well with that special holiday outfit. Because we all know how important it is to match your binky clip with your Christmas dress. Or at least, that’s what my mother-in-law says. -Kristen 

Congratulations to winner Jodi!


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