I am definitely not the together mom that has the warm stroller blanket out and ready to go for the first cold-weather day. And so here it is, December, and I’m still looking for a great sleeping bag kind of a thing to work with all the different strollers that we’ve somehow managed to accumulate.

The Buggy Blanket from Brooks Pond was new to me and so I checked one out. Nice! This is definitely one for the practical moms who still prefer their baby gear with a side order of chic.

It’s wind/water resistant, works with all different strollers, and I love that the top part unzips to become a play blanket for those cold days spent inside the local B&N. Plus there’s this cool separate boot pouch kind of thing at the bottom, to keep whatever’s on your kid’s shoes (hopefully just snow?) out of the rest of the blanket. Very smartly designed.

If you really want the most bang for your buck, check out the Perrenial style in 14 swanky color combos. It costs a bit more than the Classic, but comes with a removable Thinsulate liner, so you can use it for three seasons. Four if you’re summering in Juno.

But then, I bet Juno moms have their warm blanket solutions ironed out much better than I do. -Liz

Congratulations to lucky winner Karli H!


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