In African folklore the aardvark is much admired for its diligence. This is a completely appropriate characteristic for the Aardvark Adventure Stories namesake, because this can-do online shop has some of the best, most on-top-of-it customer service that I’ve encountered. Oh, yeah, and they also make cool personalized books for kids

These books include up to six different photos of your favorite kid, plus more specific details about him than any I’ve seen. Since my son can only count to six, he needed help to count up the 16 different "me" photos placed throughout his Zoom Zoom Zoom book about planes, cranes, trains and rocketships, all while he read about where he lives, when he was born,  and what he wants to be when he grows up. Which wasn’t to be a star in a book, since he accomplished that at age two.

Aardvark Adventures offers seven different titles (my personal favorite: The Book of Truly Amazing Hats) which are fun, creative, and noticeably lacking in aadvarks. –Laura


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