Baby clothes

Kristen: Maybe it’s because my husband and I are both avid guitar players, or because it’s one of the most amazing shirts I’ve ever seen. But either way, Damestarbaby’s handsewn guitar tee has won my heart.

Liz: The cozy sweatshirt-styled baby sac from Sir Hayes makes me hope that my friends will start having more baby boys. But as long as they keep having girls, I love Matilda & Co. and their one of a kind rompers and infant bubbles made from vintage fabrics.

Kids clothes

KristenAbe Jones makes duds that are just lovable, particularly their fall/winter line of dresses that are sure to melt any little (or big) girl’s heart.

Liz: The clothes from Ses Petites Mains make me fall in love every time–and hate my limited budget.


Kristen: Every baby must (I said MUST!) have these custom booties found at Tiny McSmall.

Liz: Livie & Luca shoes: Flexible, lightweight, sturdy and totally handmade. Also? Adorable.

Check out more clothes and shoes in our archives, and then you’ll see why we had such a hard time picking!