I feel the need to put a kibosh on daddy the guitar player’s new tactic for bonding with our daughter–the hugely expensive toddler guitar purchase. Not to interfere with the the father/daughter love fest, but couldn’t we make sure she’s at least old enough not to pour milk into it when our backs are turned?My plan is to start with the guitar on these shirts, handmade by twomoms whorunDamestarbaby. I’m not sure what I love more — that the designers take the time to intricately hand stitch these beauties, or the fact that the motifs cleverly extend to the back of the shirt.
If guitars don’t pique your interest, then I suggest you quickly claim the Hanging Leaves shirt — perfectly festive for fall without smothering your childin jack-o-lanterns.
If the price of the handmade duds aren’t in your budget, Damestarbaby offers machine-sewnalternatives for a bit less. In any case, they’re way more reasonable than a real guitar. And wayquieter.-Kristen