The one downside to The Sippy Cups‘ new concert DVD release, Electric Storyland Live at the Great American Music Hall is it just may bum your kids out – if only in that they’ll wish they were there instead of at home.

That’s one heckuva show The Sippy Cups puts on. Think jugglers, outrageous costumes, whimsical story telling, engaging audience interaction. And of course at the center of it all, 16 wonderful songs that have made the six-member band a kids (and parents) favorite in their San Francisco hometown and beyond.

Kids can’t help but dance (I think it took my 2.5 year old a good nine seconds) and parents will be delighted to fill the house with something that sounds more The Flaming Lips than Playhouse Disney.

Beautifully shot, masterfully assembled, and nicely paced, the concert DVD is a refreshing – way refreshing – addition to your media library. Just keep it out of the car. Unless you’re okay with your kids excitedly kicking your seat to the beat. -Liz


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