As much as I love those cute flouncy cotton kid’s aprons, frankly, they’re no match for a toddler and a spatula full of brownie batter. So I absolutely fell in love with the kids aprons from Beansoup the second I took mine out of the package.

The first thing that strikes you about the chef’s apron is that it’s super durable, made from a strong, heavy denim-type cotton, just the way an apron should be. And with cute fabrics, nice sizing, and an adjustable neck, mom/designer Leigh Helberg definitely gets the balance of function and fabulousness just right.

One more benefit of skipping the frills and florals – they’re great on little guys too. As I understand it, champion batter lickers are not only of the female persuasion. –Liz

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Congrats to lucky winner Katie K!


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