With the gaggles of educational animal shows and books out there, the cows, chickens, and puppy dogs of my childhood have been replaced with orangutans, meerkats, and my daughter’s current favorite, chinchillas.

When not just any old farm animal shirt will do try one from Birdlette, the collaborative effort of couple Andrea and David, two small-town New York based artists who have a penchant for smart and simple designs. We’re intrigued by their twenty-some-odd options that feature some of the most obscure, but still adorable animals we’ve found–like a party hat-wearing tasmanian devil, or my personal favorite, the jamming kangaroo rat [pictured]. Whichever you fancy, know that each shirt is wrapped and packed with love by Andrea herself.

If your kiddo loves the animals you can name at the zoo without looking at the cheat sheets, they’ll still find a shirt to love. Good luck picking just one. -Kristen

Congrats to winners Louise B. and Angela W.!


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