I cannot tell you how glad I am to be out of the spitty drooly baby stage. Or maybe I should say my shirts are glad. Even with the loads of burp cloths I collected over almost four years of parenting, I still ended up with cruddy spit-up on my shirts, and I’m not talking about just the shoulders. 

But with my new fantastic find, the Burp Armor Burp cloth, new parents (and their clothes) can breathe a collective sigh of relief. Created by a dad who was tired of burp cloths sliding off his shoulder, the Burp Armor is the Mercedes of burp cloths. Well really it’s more like an eco-friendly Mercedes hybrid.

The uniquely shaped cloth actually covers your entire shoulder, wrapping around the front and back of your shoulder blade. Combine that with super absorbent hemp, organic cotton, and my favorite component, the curdoroy underside that actually keeps it from sliding, and you’ve got a burp cloth made in heaven. Or, technically, Rhode Island.  -Kristen

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Congrats to lucky winner Kim S!


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