Now that I understand that every nanosecond of a child’s life (especially that first child – sorry siblings) will be photographed and documented, I can make a helluva good case for getting chic with the drool bibs at my friend’s baby showers. Plastic ones are nice and all but…no. No, they’re not.

What is nice however are the swanky bib/burp sets courtesy Febe Bebe. Each one is handmade in Canada with just beautiful fabrics, and backed by about the softest minkie fabric in existence. They’re thick enough to do the job they’re meant to do, and absolutely the kind of quality you’d see in high-end department store, so swipe them up now at $36 a set before Barney’s goes and doubles it.

It would be an honor to allow your children to drool all over one. After which you will photograph it. –Liz

Get yours online at Juju Beane in the US, or Elephant Shoe in Canada.  

Congratulations to winner Jessie L!


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