When you think of swaddlers you don’t think of anything particularly luxe. Mostly I conjure up the pilled receiving blanket we swiped from the hospital (shhh). Or at best, some ugly yellow thing that you find on your friend’s baby registry.

But then I discovered the Baby Bonkie swaddle blankets at the trendsetting West Village kids, and suddenly swaddlers have even more appeal as shower gifts. Lovely designer fabrics from edgy to sweet are lined with a soft-as-anything chenille. But they aren’t just pretty, they’re practical – they close with velcro so I imagine that after a late-night feeding, reswaddling isn’t the nightmare it could be. And swanky as they are, hell yeah they’re washable.

It’s the perfect gift for a mama who won’t settle for just any swaddle blanket. Although truth be told, there are moments when seriously, she will indeed settle for just any swaddle blanket. –Liz 

Congrats to Baby Bonkie swaddler winner Marni F


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