I’ve seen grown women fight it out over the need for a changing table on those baby message boards. I understand the problems faced by parents with limited space, but trust me, a diaper change on the bed can go horribly, horribly wrong.

Well, if these moms knew about the Ubi Deluxe Changing Table, the only thing they’d be fighting about is which design they liked the best. Less of a table and more of a changing seat, the UBI Deluxe actually stores and dispenses diapers, holding them in place with a special little gripper. It wipes clean in a snap, and goes right on the floor so you can handedly change your little bucking bronco without having to worry if she’ll take a tumble off your table.

You’ll find it at Mason & Matisse, one of our go-to places for all things baby. At $119, I say the no-table contingent wins the debate. -Kristen

Congrats Abby S. She won her own Ubi Deluxe! 

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