While it’s definitely gotten easier for moms to track down cool onesies, commandeering an entire funky baby layette can be challenging. I suppose "funky" and "layette" aren’t necessarily synonymous, unless you’re browsing Anchovies, a new shop that’s neither salty nor stinky.

Their original line of baby duds never gets annoyingly ironic or uncomfortably edgy. It’s just modern, graphic, and cool. I’m particularly smitten with their layette options, featuring sleepsacks and beanies like the post-modern girlie Dream or my favorite, Rocket Man, shown here. And the gift wrapping is awesome – your purchase comes "Pickled to Perfection" in a mason jar.

If you’re past the layette stage, have fun taking a look around their shop for all kinds of gifts and gear. You’re bound to find something that tickles your tastebuds, even if you don’t do fish. -Kristen

Congrats lucky winner Suzanne H.  


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