My husband definitely has the lesser of the two libidos. So after a long day of wiping butts and chasing after the kiddos, I’m ready to go, and he’s the one complaining about a "headache."

That’s why I had to chuckle when I saw artist Mo Ganey’s hilarious Love Pak cards, the perfect way to put the ball back into your spouse’s court. You’ll get a set of six handmade cards with the artist’s charming illustrative style, all of which offer a not-so-subtle hint about your intentions.

Now if you’re the type who tends to fast forward through the sex scenes, some of these cards might be a little risqué for you. (Like the one with the boobs.) But if Valentine’s Day isn’t filled with all the romance you were hoping for, they’re definitely worth considering.

Just make sure you stick them in your spouse’s lunch and not your kid’s. -Kristen

Happy Valentine’s Day Cool Moms 


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