Nothing lifted my spirits as a new mom like a card in the mail, but the printed sentiments never quite nailed the realities of my situation. Like, Congrats on your baby. Now get ready for your hair to start falling out.

So when I found the cards at Motherhood with Attitude I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them. The brain-child of moms Janalee Chmel and Tiffany Hauber, MA! offers a series of hilarious greeting cards (and free e-cards for the extremely budget conscious) featuring real-life pictures from real-life moms and best, real-life sentiments.

The cards are for moms kids of all ages. My favorite: The toddler card reading Motherhood. It gets easier, featuring a diaper-only tot covered head to toe in spaghetti sauce. Nosepicking is definitely a close second.

Don’t expect some photoshop job here. These cards are the quality you’d expect to find at any card shop except with waaaaay more laughs. Sorry Ziggy. -Kristen

Congrats to Danielle S. She won her own box set.


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