As an avid ballet lover, I’ve been waiting for the day my daughter was old enough to make it through the Nutcracker. But considering she can’t make it through a Disney movie without a snack and at least one dance break, I’m not willing to shell out the dough to take her to an actual performance.

But thanks to Prima Princessa, she can get an almost real live ballet right in our living room. Created entirely by moms Mary Kate Mellow and Stephanie Troeller, Prima Princessa features the world-renowned Paris Opera Ballet performing Swan Lake, with kid-friendly story narration by a cartoon ballerina Between acts, you’ll find live action demos of ballet steps performed by School of American Ballet students.

While the ballet snob in me says that a jumping frog doesn’t necessarily jete, as the DVD indicates, try telling my daughter that. If you can stop her from dancing around while it’s on. -Kristen

Congrats to Marcelle C. Winner of her own dvd!  


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