Often seen on message boards: How should I tell my parents I’m pregnant?

My answer is usually, well, just tell them. But if you’re looking for something with slightly more oomph (although not quite as oomph-y as giftwrapping the stick you peed on), we’ve tracked down some awesome new grandparent cards at mom-run Alternate Greetings.  

Chief cardmeister Kiki Parry hand-prints all kinds of cards (on eco-friendly paper, natch) that justify the shop’s name and keep you giggling. But I really love the card that says To the proud new grandparents: Isn’t this why you had a kid in the first place? Because, um, yeah. It kind of is. Hand the card to the ‘rents and let instinct – and hormones – take it from there.

Trust us, mamas-to-be, you won’t need anything more than that to make the moment memorable.  –Liz

Mention COOLMOM when you order and get 4 cards for just $10 plus $1 domestic shipping 


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