Motherhood means giving up more than your waistline, I realize, as Oscar weekend is upon us and of all the nominated flicks, I’ve managed to catch only one of them. If you’re in my (sad, pathetic) boat, we have the solution for you: Get yourself a sitter tomorrow and head to a nearby AMC theater for their Best Picture Showcase, a single ticket that gets you access to screenings of all five best picture contenders.

You can come and go as you please (say, you’ve already seen Atonement four times), and the popcorn is gratis. You’ll start with Michael Clayton at 11 – and really, what mom wouldn’t want to start her day with a little Clooney? – and work right up to No Country for Old Men at 9, just to make the drive home a little scarier.

The unlimited all-day ticket is just $30, which you’ll now have a much better chance of making back in the Oscar pool on Sunday. –Liz 

[via uncrate /photo via indiewire]


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