As a child of the 70s, I remember insisting that my mother sew my soccer patch, my daisy patch, and two souvenir patches from a family trip to Europe right on the top of my Osh Kosh overalls. Ah, my early days as a fashion trendsetter.

Patches may have gone the way of the pet rock, but a modern update is here in the rubber decorative thingies (not the technical name) from the Portland mom team behind PakNak.

Each soft, colorful soccer ball, flower, robot, peace sign, or cupcake is backed with strong Velcro you can stick right onto a backpack, notebook or cap. Lift it off and the backing remains, so kids can collect them, move them around, trade them (they actually each come with their own trading cards), and generally use them to show off their individuality. Awesome party favor.

These are not for kids under four – I don’t think it would be hard to chew that cute turtle’s limbs right off. But if you’ve got a kindergartener or even a tween, they’re going to dig this. So will you. Especially consider they require absolutely no sewing. –Liz

Order through this link and save 10% on your order.

Congrats to winners Kelli S, Tara R, and Carrie F