Pedipeds are a dream come true for those of us in need of a stylish yet baby-foot friendly alternative to leather booties for our crawlers and cruisers. But now our big kids can enjoy Pedipeds too, thanks to their brand spanking new Flex line.

The styles are eye-catching and the soles are sturdier but still amazingly flexible, making them perfect for my active preschooler (and her footwear snob mama). If your kids’ feet tend to be hard to fit, the shoes come with with an additional insole that can be taken out as your kid’s feet grow, so you get more use out of the shoes.

Considering how ridiculously cute they are, you’ll want your kids to be able to wear them for as long as possible. -Kristen

Use code "hapr08" for free shipping!

Congrats to Stephanie B, Jenny K, Jennifer T, Sara F, & Sundi R. They all won their own pair of Flex Pedipeds.