While I wanted to avoid baby gift thank you notes that were too babyish, I found that scribbling heartfelt words of appreciation for the squeaky rabbit toy across note cards bearing funky geometrics, was definitely a thematic disconnect.

If you’re ready to to embrace the duckies, embrace the teddies, and – let’s face it – embrace parenthood – but you’re not ready to sell your soul to Pooh, we’ve found a brilliant option in the new kids cards from the always exciting BINTH design studio.

Nursery-friendly creatures are framed like modern cameos, and the striking color combos printed with hand-mixed enviro-safe inks refuse to be ignored. Blank inside, they’ll also serve well as birthday cards. (And if you really really love BINTHS’s style, incorporate it into your decor with their brand new pillows, just out today.)

At $17.50 for a box of six the cards ain’t cheap. But hopefully, neither were your gift-givers. –Liz 

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