We love Skip*Hop because everything this mom-run company makes is smartly designed, good-looking, and generally affordable. Well as of yesterday, after having conquered the world of diaper bags and feeding accessories, Skip*Hop has come out with some pretty snazzy looking nursery decor.

Not that you want to get too matchy-matchy, but you could. If you wanted to. Because the two collections include everything from crib bedding and pillows, to a lamp and a soft wall pocket organizer. (There they go again with that smart thinking thing.)

I especially dig the Mod Dot collection, Damien Hirst fan that I am, but the girlie Vine Floral is pretty sweet too. If you like the modernity of Dwell bedding but you’re priced out, Skip*Hop has you covered at just $220 for an entire five-piece set. Lucky you. Lucky baby. –Liz

Even cooler: A percentage of all profits go to the Pediatric Aids Foundation and the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund. Shop in good conscience.

Congratulations to Martha C, winner of the Vine Floral bedding set!


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