Even though my ever-supportive editors, Liz and Kristen, would never call me on it, I’m definitely off my game as I adjust to life with three kids. [Ed note: You’re doing great, Julie!] I have difficulty remembering to take my daily vitamin, let alone tracking of feeding times, diaper changes, and the litany of "firsts" to come.

The Essential Baby Organizer has been a fabulous resource for keeping me up to date as the days and weeks go by. Like its companion pregnancy organizer (previously reviewed here), this planner will impress any new parent in desperate need of organization. Chock full of charts and journal pages, the spiral-bound book is divided into three-month sections and functions either as a place to jot notes or as a full-fledged baby book. 

Sure, first-time parents will have more time to use it, but if you’ve got more than than one child you might benefit the most. As a third-time parent, these days I’d lose my head if it weren’t attached. –Julie


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