In our house it’s called "the thingie with the round bead-y thingies on it." But now I’ve finally learned the proper term – Bead Maze! Who knew?

Whatever it is, my wee ones love it. And one of the sweetest ones we’ve come across is this new Apple Tree Bead Maze from ImagiPLAY. We’ve been fan of ImagiPLAY’s toys for ages, given their commitment to using sustainable, earth-friendly materials and non-toxic paints. This toy is no different, giving you all the more reason to love it – besides the great price, just $12.99.

It’s a super toy for kids over twelve months. And your one friend who did too many drugs in college. –Liz

RECALL ALERT 12/12/08: The tree can come off the toy exposing a screw – not a huge deal in the scheme of things, but still, ImagiPLAY has wisely issued a recall. Click for details if you own the toy and get a full refund.


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