My six-year-old and I are at odds when it comes to decorating her room. She wants to paint it bubblegum pink, while I’m fearful of being reminded of Pepto (shudder).

Fortunately, a compromise is on the horizon — in the form of the creative new Blik wall decals. Newest on tap is the collaboration with cmp fave Wee Gallery that turns their whimsical illustrations into peel-off wall art. The garden set is girlie without getting cloying.

But it’s fun poking around the whole Blik site, especially to see what’s new in their collaboration with Threadless, the artsy t-shirt people. Clever motifs range from mod cityscapes, to a large zoo animals putting out a high-rise fire. Particularly great for kids: The optically playful Fake Pandas Have More Fun.

My daughter’s choice? The cotton candy version of 99 Luftballoons. Yes, it’s pink, but I can live with it. Because when she changes her mind, the decals will come right off. –Nancy

Congrats to lucky winner Vic W!


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