When my daughter was a wee tot, my mother gave me a bunch of finger puppets. She put them in an old purse of my grandmother’s and told me to take them to restaurants. Finger puppets enabled my husband and I to continue eating with childless adults, and we still use them four years later for similar reasons.

Fable and Lore’s beautiful, substantial, fair-trade finger puppets found at My Princess Closet are made from extra fabric scraps so no two dragons, wizards or knights are alike. And, bonus, 100% of the proceeds benefit UNESCO’s Literacy Initiative for Empowerment campaign, or L.I.F.E.

When the puppets arrived, my little girl promptly stole them, had them watch her take a bath, slept with them and took them to preschool. She named the princess after me and the fairy after her.

The dragon we named Drago, in honor of Rocky IV. –Rita

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