You’d think that with all the girlie cards and personalized notes out there that boys would just let their sisters write all their thank-yous for them.

Yeah, well not in my house.

Okay, so my son is only 12 months, but for those of you with big boys, check out the cool retro rides cards by Pipo Press found at online stationer Groovy Paper. Personalize them however you like to make a swanky set of thank-you notes, or add some extra text and you’ve got announcements or party invites that stand out from the tired baseball-soccer ball-basketball themes.

Either way, your boys won’t have to use white paper and security envelopes to send grandma a thank-you note ever again. Or worse. Their sister’s stationery. -Kristen

Use code CMPGP10 for 10% off your order through 4/03/08

Congrats to Amira M, winner of a set of Retro Racer cards!