One of those things that no one warns you about in Lamaze class is newborn acne. It’s devastating seeing those beautiful baby cheeks – and forehead, and chin, and nose, and neck – absolutely obscured by that ugly red rash. The docs say it goes away in six to nine months. But six to nine MONTHS? Ack. What about photos? What about daytime social occasions?

What about baby modeling?

Fear not, for we’ve uncovered Ultimate Baybee’s  innovative Ultimate Baybee Concealer Stick. Just slather a thick layer of this (not yet FDA-approved) cover up all over those nasty spots and you’ll never again have to "accidentally" swaddle your baby’s face with that blanket when you go out in public.

It’s pricey at $65 a stick, but just think of what you’ll save on nine months of photo retouching. We say, totally worth it. –Liz and Kristen

Happy April Fool’s Day, cool moms. Don’t sit on any whoopie cushions today.


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