I confess, I’m not much of a fan of burp cloths. The fabrics are either too scratchy or too foo-foo, and the nice ones don’t exactly make you want to employ them for their intended purpose. I’m happy to say however that I’ve finally found some I like, if only a few months too late for my own little ex-puker.

Baby JaR run by sister team Jessica and Rachael is best known for their plush, lush Snuggler Blankets that are big with the glitterati coughNicoleRichiecough. But they really get burp cloths right by employing a super soft cotton twill. The way I see it, the thing might as well be comfortable when flung over your shoulder, or scraping goop off of little mouths.

The accent fabrics are fun (I’m partial to the Daisy Dazzler set for girls, and the classic Baby Basics for little dudes) and they come in convenient sets of two or three. Because when you’re talking about an item expressly designed to intercept pre-digested projectiles, trust me, you want more than one on hand. –Liz

Congrats to Jennifer H, winner of the Baby JaR package of goodies!