Recently my family found a box of my Great Uncle’s old photos. They were fascinating — exotic locations, men in uniform — but apart from the one familiar face, even my mom, his favorite niece, did not recognize another person or place. Now inspired to tackle our own mess of family photos for the benefit of the next generation, we’re counting on CatchMyMemory.

Family historian Rory Siefer developed two unique products to help the organizationally challenged (ahem) capture and memorialize family history. If you’re swimming in snapshots, PhotoCatcher will help you sort, select, and narrate your family’s most memorable pictures to create a one-of-a-kind album. Or if you want to preserve Grandpa Al’s fishing stories for future generations, StoryCatcher gives you a voice recorder and extensive interview guide to capture every detail of the one that got away.

We’ll be starting our family project just as soon as we can gather all our photos. You know, so the great-grandkids can call me by name when they’re laughing at my sixth grade portrait. –Nancy

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