Do you consider yourself brilliant and utterly intelligent? How about busy? And forgetful? If so, then we have found the to-do list for you. Just jot down your must-dos, don’t-forgets, and gotta-gets on this pretty little set of cards, right under the heading that says Thoughts and ponderings from the brilliant and utterly intelligent [insert name here, silly].

I love that they’re designed to hang right on a doorknob, minimizing the chance that you will arrive at the store to buy birthday party supplies without your shopping list and therefore end up buying mostly cookies. Or maybe that’s me.

A set of 15 is $12 at The Paper Princess. By the way, despite the fact that they are described as door hangars on the site, we assure you that it is in fact a set of door hangers that you’re buying, and not 15 enormous aircraft-sized buildings that hold doors. –Liz  

[via we covet, a great new review blog filled with things that, well, we covet]


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