We have to be careful that Cool Mom Picks doesn’t turn into Cool Dresses For Little Girls Picks. But man, it’s hard to avoid when there are so many sweet offerings this season, particularly as this year’s hot floral print trend suits the preschool set just perfectly.

If you’re not familiar with Room Seven, well it’s time to nip that in the bud. This chic kids label is helmed by Dutch designer Brechtje Olsthoorn who grew up watching her mom and dad create the Oilily empire (mmm….Oilily). So retro florals mixed with checks and prints is definitely in her blood.

The dresses are definitely flouncy and flowery, but trust me, they come off more European than Southern cotillion. And while the label is more expensive than say, something off the sales rack at Target, you don’t need to be paid in Pounds to afford it either.

There’s a nice little selection at CMP fave The Silly Wagon including my picks, the strappy, preppy plaid swing tank  and the dada dress shown here with little eyelet detailing peeking out from the hem. If you’ve got a wedding coming up or a special birthday or just some visiting European frienemy to impress, click away. –Liz

Whether you’ve got a refund on the way or a big bill out of the way, wishing you a fiscally balanced FY 08 cool moms.

Congratulations to lucky winner Erin H!


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