While I’m not a member of the matchy-outfit fan club, I’m definitely partial to mix and match clothes from Daily Tea, the everyday knitwear from CMP fave tea collection. Frankly with the amount of sleep I get these days, I hardly remember to put shirts on my girls, let alone shirts that match the socks that match the skirts and Tea makes it easy.

The quality is superb, the cotton soft and stretchy, the colors sophisticated but still kid-like, and while everything coordinates, nothing looks like a set swiped out of the J.C. Penny catalog of 1974. You’ll find a terrific selection online for both boys and girls at Monkee Moos.

I recently went nuts on the skirts, grabbing them in three different colors for my girls – at just $19, you can’t beat the value.  And the built-in bloomers mean that baby girls can pull their knees up to their chests all they want, and big girls can take on the slide and swings with the best of the boys.

Ooh, I just got excited for one of the best aspects of summer – cute knobby baby knees. –Liz

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Congratulations to Wendy H, who won a $25 gift certificate to Monkee Moos!

PLUS Monkee Moos has an amazing promotion right now: Tell them the URL of three of your fave products on site by 4/30 and be entered to win $100 worth of Daily Tea. Details on the site.