It’s taken me three children in six years to reach this point, but I’m finally comfortable nursing in public – with a nursing cover. And in my search for the ideal one, I’ve found that most of them are the same. The JOIA Mommy Cover however blows the others out of the water.

I love this nursing cover. Love love love love. All thanks to a major defining feature: A retractable cord and velcro tab that fastens the cover securely around you. The tiny reel holding the cord is sewn snugly into one side of the cover, and the velcro tab is inserted into the other side of the cover. The cord is thin, pliable, and completely comfortable, and no matter how much your baby squirms and kicks, the cover stays right in place.

Of course, the JOIA Mommy Cover comes in an array of fabulous prints, each one reversible. Plus, the neck strap? Light, silky, non-chafing. Yay. But to me, the real beauty of this cover is that it does exactly what it’s supposed to do. –Julie


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