I seriously underestimated the constant flow of paper coming into our house once my daughter started kindergarten–teacher notes, newsletters, progress reports, to say nothing of her artwork. I know I have to pick and choose among the art projects to display, but how can I possibly part with that watercolor rendering of a blue-footed boobie?

Founding artist and fellow mom Zoe Grave of Tada Baby has got a brilliant way to help me keep the art but minimize wall space: A personalized poster featuring my daughter’s favorite artistic creations.  The process is nearly painless. You just fire up the scanner yourself or mail the paper originals. The end result is an attractive, collage-like display of your mini’s masterpieces that won’t leave glue, glitter, macaroni, feathers, or other "decorative touches" in its wake. 

Now I’m off to pop my poster in a frame, stick it on my daughter’s wall, and celebrate with a long overdue trip to the recycling bin. –Nancy


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