I confess, I’m one of those "crazy" moms who’s taken all three of my newborns out and about right away. If they can come home from the hospital, then they can come to the grocery store, the mall, and the park too. I refuse to be stuck with cabin fever, especially as the weather warms up. The only problem? How to protect that brand-new baby skin from the sun.

I’ve found one solution in Baby Blanket Suncare. Their Tender Scalps Spray is ingenious. Spray it on, smooth it down (or spike it into a mohawk), and voila – that super-sensitive spot is fully protected with SPF 45 lotion that’s not greasy or scented. Perfect for bald little babies like mine, or those who won’t tolerate a sunhat (again, like mine). I’m also a fan of their Sunscreen Stick with zinc oxide which is the best way I’ve found to cover other sensitive areas like noses and ears and the backs of necks. If you’ve got room in your diaper bag for all that other stuff that you’ll figure out soon that you don’t need, you can certainly make room for these. –Julie


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