Back when I was carrying my babies around, if you wanted an earth-friendly choice you could’ve gotten a really ugly hemp sling. If you wanted something earth-friendly in a structured carrier, well, you were completely out of luck. Today’s green moms have it easy though with options like the Belle Baby Carrier.

Belle’s commitment to environmental sustainability goes beyond the organic cotton it’s made with They use earth-friendly dyes and package with recycled cardboard, plus the carrier features a piece of recycled yoga mat for padding. It’s all made right here in America, too.

Better yet, the company was founded by a couple of Colorado outdoors-enthusiasts, so the carrier has got serious backpack DNA. A weight belt provides balance and support, and the ergonomic design keeps your shoulders from killing you at the end of your hike to the farmer’s market for organic granola.

Oh, did you not want to hear all of the intellectual reasons to check out the Belle? How about this, instead: Julia Roberts uses a Belle. Just sayin’. -Mir

Congratulations to Steph, who won a black and green Belle Baby Carrier!


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