When I had the chance to try out the new Silver Cross stroller, the Dazzle, I jumped at it. This is the stroller brand ("pram" if you’re fancy) favored by the likes of Jennifer Garner, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Jennifer Lopez…you might have heard of a couple of them?

(Not that I care what strollers they push, but it’s always interesting to me what people buy when they can afford anything.)

The Silver Cross Dazzle, in a word, dazzles. First off, the streamlined style, appealing curves, and modern colors are great – see all four at Estella-NYC. It’s a little heavier than the MacLaren Quest (but way prettier if you ask me) yet still lightweight at 15.4 pounds. The Dazzle can recline a good ways with a simple strap release, and the suspension keeps the ride about as smooth as it gets without going to air-filled tires of something like a Bug. Plus it folds easily which is key for urban mamas getting in and out of taxis, trains and buses. There’s another fabulous feature I love in that the front of the seat can fold down in a sec so it’s equally comfy for my passenger, whether it’s my 11 month old or my toddler.

The daddy POV? According to my sigOth: "The handlebars are finally high enough for a 6’1" dude." Yes, he really said dude.

You can add an optional rear-facing Softcot if you want to use it from birth, but considering most of us do the Graco Snugride/Snap n Go combo, I’d say switch to the Dazzle when the kid is 6 months or so. 

At $299 it’s no cheapo umbrella stroller. But it’s no $3000 Silver Cross Balmoral either. God bless the A-listers. –Liz

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