People are always asking me whether I dress my girls in the clothes we feature here. Well, some of it, sure. But hey, I’m not made of money. I splurge on a few key items and mix it up with the sales rack jeans and the 2 for $10 cotton tees.

One of my recent higher end finds: The Carmen dress from boho-chic kids label Pink Chicken. Oh how I love this thing. It’s sweet and flowy and adorable with little white sandals, but also looks amazing over little cropped jeans. I would totally wear it myself with a big ol’ Mrs. Roper necklace if I could. But nope, this one is all my daughter’s. You’ll even catch her wearing it in a major Parents magazine (hint hint) in the next couple of months.

Find it at Arte Bebe, but click over with the understanding that you will not leave there with an empty shopping cart. –Liz

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