For new moms, it’s not as though the baby can just whip out a drawing or pick some flowers on her own for Mother’s Day. Someone has to help. And that someone is too often faced with syrupy greeting cards plastered with cartoon characters proclaiming you the vewwy bestest Mommy ever! Yuck.

Alternate Greetings has significant others, kindred mom friends and sympathetic grandparents covered when picking out a card for the new moms in their life. No matter how sleep-deprived your favorite new mom is, no way is she opening this Happy First Mother’s Day card and not laughing herself silly. My money is on her actually remembering it in the years to come, too.

I’d like to tell you what I received for my very first Mother’s Day, I really would. But the fact of the matter is that I gave birth soon before and I have absolutely no recollection of anything my husband may have done to make me feel special.

I strongly suspect a nap was involved, but beyond that I’m just guessing. –Mir

Hurry up! Order now! Times a wasting! Order by 8pm tonight and you can still make USPS for Saturday.


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