I have never seen my 12 month-old daughter take to a doll quite like the handmade cutie that arrived from Poot & Boogie. Mostly she’s happy to entertain herself with blocks or turn things like paper clips and dog kibble into playthings.

It’s not surprising considering each one-of-a-kind little rag doll made by Canadian SAHM Leanna is the perfect size and weight for a little one. I know the artist’s reco is 3+ but unless yours has buttons for eyes I wouldn’t worry.

The dolls are available at CMP fave shop Natural Pod so naturally the craftsmanship is stellar – clothing made of pre-washed cotton and wool, truly engaging fabric combo, multiculti skin tones, and an eco-friendly stuffing. But it’s the face that your kid is going to love – that inviting, smiley, rosy-cheeked face.

Well, that and the floppy arms that fit perfectly in baby’s mouths. Much better than paper clips. –Liz 

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Congrats to Carissa D, winner of the Poot & Boogie handmade doll!