While I’ll readily admit that I’m not the greenest mama out there, it’s not for lack of trying. Let’s face it: a lot of environmentally friendly products aren’t as effective as their counterparts – and they’re more expensive. I have no interest in spending more money on something that doesn’t work as well. So you can be assured that if I recommend an environmentally friendly product, it’s definitely worthwhile.

The bamboo nursing pads from Kai Kids get my highest accolades. Far superior to any other washable nursing pads I’ve tried, they’re invisible under a fitted tee and fantastically absorbent, even overnight. Buy a three pack, and hand wash one set every other day. These Canadian-made pads pay for themselves after a month, when you’d normally have to buy another box of disposables.

Good for the boobs, good for the earth. Feels pretty good in both cases.  –Julie


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