Why have we not seen any organic shopping cart covers yet? Think about it, it makes perfect sense: If you’re the type who is freaked out by what might be on that rickety cart in your local Albertsons, you’re probably also worried about the chemicals that are treating the fabrics your kiddos come in contact with. To say nothing of whatever’s being sprayed on those apples and berries to keep them shiny and produce aisle-friendly.

CMP fave Just Peachy Baby is coming to the rescue of germaphobe ecomoms everywhere with their fabulous new organic shopping cart seat covers.  So far there are three nice solid colors available, each one 100% certified organic and made with no-toxic dyes. Bonus: Though they feel fleecey, they’re partly made with hemp which is naturally anti-microbial. 

Microbial. Eek. Just the word gives me the shivers. Hard not to buy one, and a life supply of hand sanitizer, after reading the word microbial. –Liz

CMP Readers save 10% on new organic styles with code CMPORGANIC through 5/31/08

Congratulations to Sara P, winner of an organic shopping cart cover from Just Peachy Baby!


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