I figure if I’m going to take the time and trouble to print my favorite photos, I sure as heck won’t be putting them in some album off the drugstore rack. But the gorgeous books from Enji Beck? Most certainly worthy of my precious 4×6’s.

Handmade by artist Angela Beckwith, these photo books are complete custom, starting with size and ending with the gorgeous Asian-inspired cover paper and linen binding. Filled with hearty acid-free pages, these books can work equally as well as a guest boo (you know, if you’re planning a black tie 1st birthday party for your kid).

To top it off, Angela can include a custom name plate and dedication page. Starting at $26, fill the books with pictures and turn it into a lovely and inexpensive gift. That is, if you can actually let it out of your grasp once you’re done. -Kristen


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