I am beyond tired of kids clothes that don’t hold up after oh, say three washes. The bargain tees I picked up turned out to not be such a bargain when I threw them out before the season was halfway over, reminding me that often times, you really do get what you pay for.

Along those lines, Cherry Tees (who already does great tops for women) has just come out with a line of amazing quality kids tees in 2T-6 that are meant to be worn – and washed – over and over. They’re priced a bit higher than your average American Apparel top at 2 for $30,  but if your children live in them like mine, they’re worth a gander. I especially love the little cap sleeves on the girls tees. Nice touch.

Of course my daughter’s favorite part are the lollipops that come with the order. What does she know about cap sleeves. –Liz 

CMP Readers save 10% on kids tees with code CMPSWEET through 5/28/08


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