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As bathing suit season approaches, I mourn that I am not more of a gym person. I am more of a sit on my butt and play Guitar Hero then complain about how bad I look in a bathing suit person. So I decided to give the new Wii Fit a whirl.

Oh my goodness, am I smitten. No wonder these things fly out of stock as fast as they come in.

Basically there’s a little balance board-like thingie that’s got a remote sensor to the Nintendo Wii system. It functions like a scale tracking weight, balance and BMI (yikes) before you start and then lets the system know how well you’re doing the exercises and activities. On screen you’ll see your little avatar (or "mii" to the uninitiated) doing what you’re doing, whether it’s hula hooping, slalom skiing or downward dog. (Watch the video on the Amazon page and you’ll totally get it.) There’s plenty of motivation along the way – applause does wonders for postpartum moms.

Now I can sneak in a workout during naptime without ever waking the baby, and it definitely beats schlepping to the gym and getting stuck on a weight circuit behind the sweaty guy.

The Wii Fit has one more notable distinction:It will most certainly be the one piece of exercise equipment in your house that doesn’t end up as a clothing rack in a year. Run and reserve yours now. Your thighs won’t regret it.  –Liz


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